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How are Breast Pumps Useful For mothers?

The Journey of Motherhood is always sweet but it holds certain challenges.

Breast feeding is something that creates a feeling of motherhood and it’s something between a mom and her little one. But, still there are mom’s who finds it difficult to breastfeed their baby due to one or the other reason and concerned about how their baby will get the benefit of breast milk.

Breast Pumps is a great option for those mom’s who finds difficulty to breastfeed. As today there are a variety of breast pumps available in the market based on the usage, it actually helps mother’s a lot.

What is a Breast Pump?

A Breast pump is a medical device that helps mother’s who finds it difficult to breastfeed their baby by extracting and storing milk.

How does a Breast Pump Helps?

  • Breast Pump is helpful for working mothers who is away from their baby to pump and store milk, so that your baby gets the benefits of mom’s milk even when you are away.
  • It is helpful to those baby’s who finds it difficult to latch milk well even when the mother have enough milk.
  • It is also helpful to those mothers who have inverted nipples and blocked milk ducts to extract and store milk for their baby.
  • Breast Pump can also be used to extract and donate milk to those babies who does not get mother’s milk due to any reason, this can be provided to the milk banks.

Types of Breast Pumps in Indian Market

Manual Breast Pumps and Electric Breast Pumps are the two types of Breast pumps available in Indian market. Other than these types there are few other types of Breast pump like Bulb style and used Breast pumps available in the global market.

Manual Breast Pump

Manual Breast Pump is more suitable for those mom’s who uses breast pump occasionally, mostly for those mom’s who stay at home. Manual Breast Pumps works without electricity and are hand operated. They required some effort to extract milk, thus little time consuming. It requires 15-20 min of pumping. It is cheaper than Electric breast pumps.

How to use Manual Breast Pump

  • Sanitize your hands and pump.
  • Massage the breast to extract milk in a pumping motion.
  • Once you gets the stimulation, put nipple into the flange and rest on your breast.
  • Pump the handle.
  • You can follow this for both breasts by switching.
  • Try to pump every three to four hours for around 15min a session.
  • Manual Breast Pumps should be used until your baby turns six weeks old, until your baby gets used to breast feeding.

Electric Breast Pump

Electric Breast Pumps works either on power outlet or on Battery. These breast pumps are available in both single and double breast expressing models. These are more convenient and time saving, mostly suitable for those mom’s who use it frequently, like for working mothers and also for those mom’s who finds it difficult to lactate. This is also suitable for mothers with twin babies as it breast feeding can be very tiring. Some mothers have more milk ejection; they can express and store milk. Electric breast pumps are powerful, effective and supply boosting. There are different Brand available in the market.

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How to Choose a Right Breast Pump?

  • How often do you want to pump?

If you are using occasionally, then a manual pump will do. If you are using frequently then you might require an Electric Breast pump.

  • Do you need a hands free option?
  • How long will you be away from your baby?
  •  Are you planning to store milk in several containers?
  •  Are you breast feeding in addition to using a breast pump?
  • Do you need to buy a pump that is easy for you to carry while travelling?
  • The most important: Always check whether the breast shields are fit for you.
  •  How much time will you take to express milk and store it?
  •  Is the instructions to use understandable?

So, always keep in mind these factors before you buy a breast pump because these products comes under non returnable category due to hygiene and consumable nature of the product.

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