how to clean breast pump

How to Clean a Breast Pump

It is very necessary to clean breast pump to keep your electric breast pump hygienic. Breast milk is one of the best things a mother can provide for their baby’s health and development. Breast pumping is one of the ways to provide breast milk. It is not to be forgotten that germs can grow quickly in breast milk or breast milk residue that are remaining on pump parts. Carrying out these steps can keep your breast pump clean and help to protect your baby from all the germs. Therefore you should clean breast pumps after uses.

Here are some tips to be followed to clean breast pump

There are different types of breast pumps available in the market. Manual and Electric breast pumps are the common type of breast pumps available in India. You need to choose right breast pump according to your use. If you are a working mother and planning to express breast milk regularly, then electric breast pump would be a best choice because it works on powerful motor which will make your duty more easy and time saving. Manual breast pumps are best for mothers who uses breast pump occasionally.

Before the use

  • Bear in mind that three components should never be sterilized when you clean Electric Breast Pump : The air tube, the motor and the power cable.
  • Never forget to clean your hands before you clean breast pump; preferably wash your hands before pumping.
  • Clean the pump before use using disinfectant wipes especially when it is a shared or rented pump.
  • Examine for molds or fungus in the tubing, and replace the pump if you spot any.
  • Check for any mold, milk or moisture in the clear tubing and run the motor for a few more minutes when it is not hooked up to the breast if found any condensation in the tubing.

After the use

  • Never forget to rinse the pump parts that were in contact with the milk or your body immediately after use.
  • Clean Breast pump properly and do not leave any milk residue in shields, flanges or membranes by rinsing it immediately after use.
  • Use specific or dedicated plastic wash basin for pump parts, nipples or bottles.
  • Take care not to use the same sponge or scrubber that is used for other utensils for pump parts. Have a specific bottle brush or cleaning materials for pump parts.
  • Dry the pump parts using air-dry and arrange the parts on a clean fresh dish towel or paper towel.
  • Avoid rubbing the pump parts with a dry towel while you clean breast pump.
  • After use, submerge the parts of the pump in boiling water by using steam sanitizer or sterilizer for two-three minutes.
  • Do not sanitize the pump parts for babies under three months or infants with immune-compromising medical conditions.
  • Consult your doctor in case of further confusion or medical condition.

Clean Breast Pump : More tips for pump tubing :

  • If the pump is used correctly, the tubing of the breast pump need not be cleaned routinely since it will not touch the pumped milk.
  • Always carry extra tubing if the one you are using gets damaged or soiled.
  • Examine for droplets in the tubing after every pumping session, if found droplets, disconnect the tubing from the pump kit but not from the pump and run the pump for a few more minutes until the tubing is dry.
  • If the tubing has milk or mold, replace it immediately and take care that the valves or membranes are replaced when required and tubing was attached to pump correctly.
  • Wipe the outside of the tubing with damp cloth or wipe if it is soiled.

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