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Types of Breast Pumps in India

Manual, Electric, Battery Operated and Hospital grade/Used Breast Pumps are the different types of breast pumps available in India. Breast pumps are very useful and benefits mothers who finds it difficult to feed.

Manual Breast Pump

Manual breast pumps can be used to extract and store milk by those mom’s who are only occasionally away from their baby.

How these types of breast pumps works ( Manual )

As the name suggests it works by hand, there is a bulb and when you squeeze this bulb, it creates suction which extracts milk from breasts.


  • Manual Breast Pumps are more affordable, easy to use and you can adjust its pace according to your requirement.
  • Another advantage of manual breast pump is it doesn’t require any power source to operate.
  • It is easy to sterilize as compared to electric pumps.


  • It requires more time compared to electric pumps.
  • It is not suitable for frequent user’s as it requires more effort and time for extraction.


Electric breast pumps works with a motor which gives suction by a tube that fits over to nipple. These types of breast pumps help to express the milk quickly and required less effort.


  • It is more suitable for that mom’s who want to extract and store milk frequently.
  • Light weight and portable
  • It works with a motor so it is more Powerful
  • Increases milk supply
  • It requires less time to extract milk compared to manual breast pumps.
  • Its offers multiple speed setting and so makes you more comfortable

Electric Breast Pumps comes in both Single and Double Breast Pump models.

  • Single Breast Pump helps to extract milk from one breast at a time, while double breast pump helps to extract milk from both breasts at a time.
  • A Double breast pump helps to save time and can maximize the amount of milk you store. This is best for working mother’s and mom’s of twins.
  • A Single breast pump is suitable for those who extracts milk occasionally. Some mom’s have the problem that one breast have more milk and because of that one side feels painful, for them single breast pump helps to balance. Another advantage is that you can extract milk at the same time you feed.


  • It is more costly compared to Manual breast pump.
  • Noisier to use


As the name suggests these are operated through batteries, there are both single and double breast pumps available, single which can be used for one breast at time and double for both breasts at a time

How Battery based Breast Pumps Works?

This types of breast pumps works on batteries t to power a small motorized pump that gives suction to extract milk from the breasts. Some of the types of battery powered pumps have different patterns of suction, which claims to provide baby a feeling of nursing


  • Since it works on battery power, its very efficient, less time required to extract milk and is more suitable for mothers who uses it frequently
  • They are more easy to use and handle, and they are portable too.


  • Lifespan of batteries are less. So you may need to buy new Breast Pump or change batteries if available to change.
  • if the battery drains off then a backup plan should be made.
  • The batteries are costly to change overtime.
  • You have to keep extra batteries every time.


These types of Breast Pumps comes with industrial sized motors which enable a longer motor life and more powerful than other pumps. These pumps are closed system pumps which prevents milk or other fluid to enter the motors and avoids the risk of contamination. Hospital Grade is not a standardized term by FDA. It is a term used by manufacturers to differ from other pumps. These pumps are intended to serve multiple mom or multi user which means they are compatible for rent. But now consumer grade pumps comes the the same power of hospital grade pumps.


  • More efficient and powerful
  • Multi user
  • Life span of the motor is more than consumer grade pumps


  • Since they works on Industrial size motors, the size and weight of the pump is larger
  • Not portable
  • Very costly than other pumps

Study says that Electric breast pumps are better than all other above types of breast pumps .But before you buy know your need and learn how to choose a breast pump for your need.

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