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Types Of Breast Pumps In India

The Journey of Motherhood is always sweet but it holds certain challenges.Breast Pumps is a great option for those mom’s who finds difficulty to breastfeed. As today there are a variety of breast pumps available in the market based on the usage, it actually helps mother’s a lot.

Manual, Electric, Battery Operated and Hospital grade/Used Breast Pumps are the different types of breast pumps available in India. Breast pumps are very useful and benefits mothers who finds it difficult to feed.

Three Modes

Galactogogue Mode, Sucking Mode and Massage Mode

Safe Material

Made with High quality Food Grade PP and Silicon

Light Weight

Product is light weight which weights below 500 gram

Benefits Of Breast Pumps
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Best breast pump in the market. Highly recommended
Jennifer Lewis
I have been using hugncare for a while and so far its working super perfect
Alicia Heart
Best electric breast pump than many other available. Its very comfortable,Light weight, No sounds and lasting
Juan Carlos

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