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Buy Electric breast pump from Hugncare which is made with high quality food grade material which is safe for your baby.This breast pump comes with high power motor which enables breast milk expressing very easy and comfortable.This product is very light weight with weight below 500 grams.

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Buy Electric breast pump from Hugncare  which is one of the best product available in Indian Market. Features of this products are given below

Material Quality : Made with High Quality Food Grade PP and Silicone, Which is very safe for your baby.

Functions : There are three different suction  modes available in this breast pump

Galactogogue Function (Red Light): 40-80 suck per minute,prepare for regular sucking

Sucking Function (Green Light) : 20-70 such per minute, the main function for collecting breast milk.

Massage Function (Blue Light): 20-2000 suck per minute, Massage mom’s breast to make mom feel comfortable.

Traditional Sucking vs Massage Sucking

Traditional Sucking : Mechanical Sucking, breast milk flow out slowly, Mum’s breast may feel painful.

Massage Sucking : Massage Sucking , Breast milk flow out smoothly , Mum’s breast feels comfortable.

Cleaning : Easy for washing, Except for the main body(motor),other parts can be  boiling washing , Ultraviolet ray sterilizing and steaming.

If you want to How to clean  breast pump please read this article in the link.

Weight : Its very light and portable. Main body weights below 124 g only. The weight is just like an apple weight. It is easy for carrying.


So if you buy electric breast pump make sure you check all this functions are working properly. We are providing 6 months warranty .

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